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Gulf War Facts

British and Kuwaiti flags

  1. Before the invasion of Kuwait Saddam Hussein had last minute talks with the American ambassador, April Galaspie, during which she said that the United States had `no opinion on inter-Arab disputes`, This put his mind at rest as to how the west would react to his claim on Kuwait.

  2. Some time before the war Saddam Hussein illegally brought a high tech air defense system from France. This system was intercepted and bugged by US intelligence. The system was then put into operation over Bagdad, On the first day of the air war the iraqis claimed to have shot down some 120 aircraft, according to the computer they did. Every (SAM) fired scored a HIT but no aircraft were lost. There after the Iraqi air defense battery´s had to rely on seeing the aircraft, or as the bombs dropped fire aimlessly into the sky.

  3. The British 1st Armoured Division lost three armoured vehicles, During the ground war, All three were destroyed by american aircraft (blue-on-blue).

  4. On February 25 1991 the Iraqi Navy fired two Chinese Silkworm anti-ship missiles at the USS Missouri. A 17 year old radar operator "Steven Bunbury", on board the HMS Glouceter spotted the contact on his screen and launched two Sea Dart missiles. One Silkworm was destroyed and the other damaged which then crashed harmlessly into the sea.

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