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To The 43 British soldiers And Airmen That Lost
There Lives during Operation Desert Storm.
ATKINSON Fusilier Paul Peter (19)
3RRF, Home Area Durham.

BOLAM Corporal Charles Alan (30)
RCT, Home Area Newcastle.

BUNNEY Fusilier Alexander (20)
3RRF, Home Area Lancashire.

BURCH Major Andrew James (36)
REME, Home Area Yorkshire.

COLE Fusilier Conrad Philip (17)
3RRF, Home Area Rochdale.

COLLIER Flight Lt Robert Maxwell (42)
RAF, Home Area Norfolk.

COLLISTER Flight Lt Keith (26)
RAF, Home Area Dougals, Isle of Man.

CONSIGLIO Private Robert Gaspare (24)
Para x Marines, Home Area Sussex.

CROFTS Lcpl Stephen Edwin (26)
RCT, Home Area Wiltshire.

DENBURY Cpl David Edwin(26)
Royal Engineers, Home Area South Wales.

DENT Flight Lt Norman Thomas (27)
RAF, Home Area Tyne and Wear.

DONALD Private Neil Walker Duncan (18)
Queens Own Highlanders, Home Area Forres.

DOWLING Sgt Michael James (34)
REME, Home Area Dorset.

DUFFY Flight Lt Kieran James (34)
RAF, Home Area Kidderminster, Worcerter.

ELSDON Wing Commander Thomas Nigel Charles (39)
RAF, Home Area Morayshire.

EVANS Lcpl Francis Carrington (25)
REME, Home Area Clywd.

FERGUSON Private Martin (21)
Queens Own Highlanders, Home Area Fort William.

FOGERTY Private Alistair James (21)
RAOC, Home Area Cheshire.

GILLESPIE Fusilier Richard (19)
3RRF, Home Area Tynemouth.

GOING Lcpl Richard Henry (30)
RAMC, Home Area Buckinghamshire.

HAGGERTY Private Thomas (20)
1St Royal Scots, Home Area Glasgow.

HICKS Flight Lt Stephen Michael (29)
RAF, Home Area Somerset.

HILL Lcpl Terence Trevor William (26)
RCT, Home Area Middlesex.

KEEGAN Gunner Paul Patrick (20)
Royal Artillery, Home Area Merseyside.

KINGHAN Major James Scott (33)
Royal Engineers, Home Area Nottingham.

KINNEAR Sgt Donald Bruce (24)
RAPC, Home Area Hamilton.

LANE Cpl Steven John (27)
Royal Engineers, Home Area Herefordshire.

LANG Private John William (19)
Queens Own Highlanders, Home Area Inverness.

LEECH Fusilier Keven (20)
3RRF, Home Area Northumberland.

LENNOX Sqn Leader Gary Kirkwood Stewart (34)
RAF, Home Area FalKirl.

MACKINNON Sgt David Alexander (41)
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders,
Home Area Aberdeen.

MCFADDEN Dvr Jason Patrick (19)
RCT, Home Area Coventry.

MOULT Private Carl (18)
1St Staffordshire Regiment, Home Area Burton on Trent.

NAPIER Guardsman Christopher Andrew (17)
Coldstream Guards, Home Area Yorkshire.

PHILLIPS Sgt Vincent David (36)
RAOC, Home Area Herefordshire.

ROBBINS Lcpl Robert (24)
RCT, Home Area Aberdeen.

ROYLE Sapper Richard Alan (25)
Royal Engineers, Home Area Wiltshire.

SATCHELL Fusilier Stephen Timothy (18)
3RRF, Home Area East Sussex.

TAYLOR Private Shaun Patrick (20)
1St Staffordshire Regiment, Home Area West Midlands.

TITE S/Sgt David Clifford (32)
RMP, Home Area Wiltshire.

WEEKS Sqn Leader Kevin Paul (37)
RAF, Home Area Bristol.

WELLINGTON Lcpl Lee (25)
RCT, Home Area Hampshire.

WHITEHEAD Lieutenant Edward Arthur (24)
16th/5th The Queen´s Royal Lancers, Home Area Shropshire.

WRIGHT Lt Colonel Alistair John (49)
Royal Engineers, Home Area Kent.


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