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5 Star Hotel
In the British Army we say "ANY IDIOT CAN BE UNCOMFTABLE"

The first stop CAMP BLACK ADDER tent city luckily we were only there one night. The next day we went to the Docks, met up with our vehicles then it was off into the Desert.

Home is what you make it we even had soft bog roll.

Comfort One of the most important things we had were our BV`S (Boiling Vessels)You fill them with water plug them in and they boil the water, They run off the vehicle, at the bottom of them there is a small tap. sounds simple, IT IS!! You Have Constant Boiling Water to:Wash,Cook,Drink,
when the vehicle is mobile the BV is water tight
Our COMPO Rations are designed to be heated in it, One BV= 4 Hot Cans, the cans are lined to let you safely heat them in boiling water(without giving you "tin poisoning")
And most important you can all ways make a pot of TEA
Hot TEA keeps the British Army Ticking. Battles have been stopped for a tea break. Wars have been fought over TEA as you Americans well Know!!!

Well If Thats not Luxury I don't know what is, The Best Food in the Desert covered in curry powder and NAFFI brawn sauce washed down with a hot mug of Army TEA.

Hot Baths "Need I say more!!!!!"

A Simple folding stool with a hole cut out in the middle made the perfect toilet
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Take ALL your kit with you, Including Webbing, NBC kit, weapon, News Paper, Soft Bog Roll, Shovel and stool. Tab at least 100M down wind from location, Dig hole " MIN 2Ft deep", Place stool over hole, place Bog roll within hands reach, Drop webbing in defensive position, Drop combat trousers sit on stool and aim though hole, Keep one eye on Enemy and the other on your own section, "Make sure they don't move off without you and leave you sat in the middle of Iraq because it seemed funny at the time" When done use soft bog roll, Fill in hole, put all your kit back on and discover your stood in the middle of a MINE FEILD Say F**K as loud as you can, It wont clear the mine field but you feel better for it, Remove your bayonet and work your way flat on your belly inch by inch back to your Vehicle, by which time you think you need to go again.

Showers After the fighting somewhere in Kuwait, We made our own shower from a bucket with a shower head fitted to the bottom, some canvas and some scrim poles. You let the water heat in the sun or in the BV`s, "Hay Presto" HOT SHOWER. It might not look much but after a hard day Sun bathing it was a luxury matched only by The Hilton.

After a Hot Shower, Slap up meal, and all the Tea you can drink take a snap shot with your camera

And finally back to Saudi and a day on the BEACH with the US MARINE CORPS. Thats what I liked about the MARINES a total Dis respect for local Law and Customs, A Saudi would be thrown in Jail for stripping off and going for a swim in the sea. The MARINES closed off a section of the best beach and invited the Brit`s to come and build some sand cas also had a trailer full of ICE and Coke (BUT NO BEER) and a BBQ with free Hotdogs and Hamburgers. It was a day to remember.....

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Bravo one four Bravo

Bravo one four Bravo

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