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Bravo 14 Bravo


This is the story of  B14b, An armoured ambulance  part of 5 AFA (Armoured field Ambulance) that took part in OP Granby (Desert storm).


5 AFA were stationed in Munster West Germany (Oxford Bks) at the time of the conflict. On the 2nd August 1990 when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait no one thought for one second that we would be off to War. As the days and weeks went on it was clear the west would send the troops in. The orders came though and the British 1st Armoured Division sprung into action.

1st Armoured Division:

7 Armoured Brigade:

          HQ 7 Armoured
Brigade and Signal Squadron
Armoured Regiment
     (Scots DG)
Armoured Infantry
   (1 Staffords)
Aviation Squadron
  (664 Sqn AAC)
Air Defence Battery
    (40 AD Bty)
Armoured Regiment
Artillery Regiment
    (40 Fd Regt)
Engineer Regiment
    (21 Eng Regt)
Squadron (QDC)

4 Armoured Brigade:

          HQ 4 Armoured
Brigade and Signal Squadron
    Armoured Regiment
(14/20th King´s Hussars)
         Armoured Infantry
(3 Royal Regiment of Fusiliers)
    Engineer Regiment
(23 Engineer Regiment)
    Armoured Infantry
    (1 Royal Scots)
        Artillery Regiment
            (2 Fd Regt)
    Air Defence Battery
        (46 AD Bty)

HQ 1st Armoured Division

Armoured Recce Regiment:
       (16/5 Lancers)
32nd Armoured Engineer
      39 Heavy Regiment
4th Regt Army Air Corps     32 Heavy Regiment 12th Air Defence Regiment


An armoured field ambulance is made up of the following components. 1: Medical HQ Element

                                                                                                           2: A Dressing Station

                                                                                                           3: Forward Troop

                                                                                                           4:  Armoured Sections

It would look something like this in its setup:

The HQ Element would be in charge of the ops, The Dressing stations job is to treat casualties and prepare them for movement to the field hospital. For this they would have a fleet of 1 Ton ambulances, or the option of a helivac.

Forward Troop would be the AXP (Ambulance exchange point) they are forward of the dressing station and organise the evacuation of casualties coming from the front.

Sections are attached to the battle group elements: Two 432"s to each of the infantry, tank and artillery units. A section is made up of some 10 medics, 2 driver/radops and a doctor . There job is to give the first treatment to casualties as and were they happen , To setup a treatment area and stabilize them for movement .Then arrange there evacuation back to forward Troop who will then pass them back though the dressing station and on to a field hospital.

To help the sections the units to which they are attached would have several armoured ambulances of there own. They are used to Recover the casualties from the scene or to transport them to forward troop. The setup is very flexible and if you get taken out there is always someone to do your job.

"C" Section 14b

Our Doctor had done some special training in NBC treatment so we got attached to the infantry. All our mates took the piss and said we would be very busy,  The infantry expected to take the most casualties so it looked like we would be. You have to take what you get and live with it. I was the driver /radio operator and not a medic. So off we went to join 3RRF (3rd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers)


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