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The Gulf War

The Desert Rats


Click For Big Pic Almost at the border this was what we had all been waiting for. Before the crossing, Our battle group commander gave us a briefing and said War is about creating confusion, Then taking advantage of that confusion We will hit the enemy with everything we have then before he knows what's happening it will be over.
Click For The Big Pic As we crossed American trucks were already bringing prisoners back across . This was a good sign, But we knew after the crossing we would be going our own way, First though the mine fields then sharp Right
Click For The Big Pic Our mission was to: Destroy Iraqi Reserve Divisions,
Protect Left Flank of The US Corps,
Click For The Big Pic To our left flank were some estimated 200 Thousand Iraqi troops, But they posed no big threat. We were told they are well dug in, and non mechanised. If they did try to move they would be taken out by US and RAF Ground attack aircraft.
Click For The Big Pic Many of the Iraqi troops simply came out of there dug outs with white flags flying. So many that it became a big problem to transport them. Some were pointed in a direction and told go that way till someone directs you otherwise.

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