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The Gulf War

The Desert Rats


Click For Big Pic After a night of heavy fighting we stopped for a  REPLEN  Then we had a short service for the members of the Regiment that were killed the day before. The PRESS came and filmed it and it was on the News later. We went back to our Vehicles, Just as we mounted up the Warrior in the four ground of the picture let of a volley of 30mm. Some said he had an ND (Negligent Discharge)
Click For The Big Pic Whatever it was every one bust back into action, this was supposed to be a safe area, In the distance some 600m away an in tier Iraqi Mortar Rifle Regiment surrendered. No one even knew they were there.
Click For The Big Pic In the picture to the left you can see them coming towards us, on the right of the pic you can see two sqn's of Warriors moving in on them.

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